Philosophical Essays

     "Prayer is the Little Implement"
     99% Vs 1%
     A Different Twist to Conceiving Spiritual Advancement
     About Sin
     Authority as Auctoritas
     Behind Closed Doors
     Behind Closed Doors
     Diotima's Speech to Socrates
     Diotima, Midwife and Myth of Er
     Energy and Information
     Explanation, Description and Exposition; an outline
     Forms and the Need to Pass Beyond Them
     Gotscalk of Orbais
     Greek Preposition Diagram
     In vs. Of This World
     Is That So?
     Meaning vs. Reality
     Meditations by Marcus Aurelius 1
     Meditations by Marcus Aurelius 2
     Notes on the Phaedo
     On Aging
     On Anamnesis or Recollection
     On Being a Fool
     On Being a Midwife
     On Being Out in the Woods
     On Binding and Loosening
     On Boundedness #1
     On Boundedness #2
     On Distractions
     On Happiness
     On Magic
     On the Concept of Order
     On the Concept on Non-Begetting
     On the Filaments
     On the Notion of Exile
     Our Constant Companion
     Physicality and Freedom
     Plato's Allegory of the Cave
     Polupragmon or Being a Busy-Body
     Progression and Succession
     References to Beauty in Plato's Dialogues
     References to Sunset and the West in the Journal of Henry David
     Some Observations on Conditioning
     Some Reflections on Cause and Effect
     Some Reflections on Hans Vaihinger
     Speculation and Reflection
     The Case for Invisibility
     The Hidden Nature of Evil
     The Importance of Kata
     The Joys of a Mechanical Existence
     The Natural and the Normal
     The Phaedrus by Plato, #1
     The Phaedrus by Plato, #2
     The Present Moment...Sort Of
     The Republic by Plato 1
     The Republic by Plato 2
     The Republic by Plato 3
     The Republic by Plato 4
     Time and its Displacement
     To Have or Not to Have Expectations
     Transitional States in Prayer
     Two Paradigms, an outline only