Gregory of Nyssa

     A Funeral Oration on the Empress Flacilla
     A Homily on Consolation Concerning Pulcheria
     Against Apollinarius
     Blessed Theodore, the Great Martyr
     Commentary on the Song of Songs, 1 of 2
     Commentary on the Song of Songs, 2 of 2
     Concerning Infants who have Died Prematurely
     Eulogy for Basil the Great
     Forty Martyrs
     Funeral Oration for Bishop Meletius
     Gregory the Wonder Worker
     Inscriptions on the Psalms
     On Almsgiving
     On Faith
     On Fate
     On Fornication
     On Perfection
     On the Ascension
     On the Sixth Psalm, Concerning the Octave
     On Those Who Have Died
     On Usury
     St. Stephen; Two Homilies
     Taxis and Akolouthia
     The Witch of Endor
     To Eugarius, Concerning the Divinity
     Treatise on First Corinthians