Letter From Jean LeClerq, OSB

December 1974 

Br. Casimir
Saint Joseph's Abbey
Spencer, Massachusetts 01562 

Thank you for showing me your commentary on the Canticle. You're quite in the tradition of the Cisterician Fathers, including the fact that you commented only the first verses. 

I realise you know alot, not only of Hebrew and Greek, but in the Bible, and how much you're in love with Jesus, of the Fathers, in the Spirit. It's nice that you cannot be first a Scripture scholar, but a monk, pouring out all your knowledge and love, and speaking of Christ since the start. 

I hope you'll continue up to the end of the Canticle and of your life. And you'll be able to draw from it a New Cistercian Commentary on the holiest Song. 

The originality of your work is that it does not center in any of hte literary genres or categories presently existing. You're creating a new one, in the form of monastic Florilegia. 

J. Leclercq